Contemporary rap artist based out of Waterloo, Ontario. Nerd, subverter of expectations, enemy of the state, can solve travelling salesman problem in O(1).

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singleMILEY CYRUS feat. Way5 (p. @1spenny & @1swishrr)
singlej checking in (p. 27club)
singleall the sweetest nectar (feat. Mazelfyre)

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About Apostoli

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Apostoli, a Greek-Canadian artist, is carving a unique path in the underground hip hop scene. Influenced by a spectrum of artists, from mainstream giants like Drake, Young Thug, and Lil Uzi Vert, to cult icons like Summrs, Destroy Lonely, LUCKI, skaiwater, che and OsamaSon, his discography is a diverse and vibrant tapestry of sound that manages to strike a balance between mainstream accessibility and the grungy, subversive nature that defines contemporary underground hip hop as we see it today. As a result, Apostoli stands out in a landscape that has become notably monotonous and oversaturated. Managed by the renowned independent A&R and music media personality Peepthekicks, Apostoli is deeply embedded in the fabric of Canada’s vibrant underground music scene. His artistry, though still nurturing a growing audience, has caught the keen eye of the most influential figures in the emerging underground scene, and is well respected by artists around him. He’s already become a staple at the recurring concert event Dead Egos vs. The World, where he’s performed alongside artists like Slump6s, Katozai, Eli Juggz, & Gunnr. Longtime fans will also recall performances with the likes of UnoTheActivist, Yung Tory, & Killy. Notable collaborators include rising stars like Kwazii, Mazelfyre, and sgpwes, as well as his longtime friends Way5, Drago, and Trill Nagi who are each members of Peepthekicks’ music collective Music’s Most Wanted. Apostoli’s continuous rise is made even more awe-inspiring considering his dual academic pursuits. He attends both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, where–remarkably–he’s pursuing degrees in both Computer Science & Business Administration. Apostoli’s lifestyle is best elucidated by the release of his debut EP “Anagnorisis”, which was released on the same day he had a final exam in statistics. Apostoli’s persistence and continuous growth makes him a name to keep an eye on, and makes one thing clear for those who follow the Canadian underground music scene: either you’re a fan of Apostoli yourself, or someone you’re a fan of is. Updated: December 11th, 2023 Apostoli™ 2023, All Rights Reserved